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Tokyu Railways has been operating the “Kofuku-no-Manekineko Densha” (The beckoning cat of good fortune train) since May 12th as a project commemorating the Setagaya Line’s 50th anniversary. Many will remember seeing it when it first appeared in September, 2017 at an event celebrating 110 years since the Tamagawa Line began service. The entire 300-series has been decorated with manekineko (beckoning cat) illustrations with the cooperation of Gotoku-ji Temple, the birthplace of manekineko. Inside are hanging straps with a manekineko design and a floor adorned with paw prints. And new features such as cat ears on the train’s front and a bell design where the cars are coupled have been specially added for the train’s service on the Setagaya Line. Why not come see and ride this adorable, eye-catching train and invite a little happiness into your life?

Mr. Tessai Kasukawa Chief Priest, Gotoku-ji Temple

Mr. Tessai Kasukawa

Chief Priest, Gotoku-ji Temple

Gotoku-ji Temple is known as the birthplace of the manekineko (beckoning cat), which is the motif of the Manekineko Densha. We asked Mr. Tessai Kasukawa, the chief priest at Gotoku-ji Temple, to tell us about manekineko and give his thoughts on the Manekineko Densha.

Mr. Hitoshi Sato Manager, Setagaya Line

Mr. Hitoshi Sato

Setagaya Line

Manager Hitoshi Sato watches over the Setagaya Line together with line employees and the community. We spoke with him about the lucky Manekineko Densha and the appeal of this railway line that is so beloved by the local community.

We asked people on the street about their impressions of the Manekineko Densha.
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