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Matsubara has a quiet ambience and a leisurely air. On a stroll through the residential area, you may be surprised to encounter fields of fruits and vegetables. Near the tracks in the direction of Yamashita Station is Rokusho Jinja, a historical shrine surrounded by a sacred grove of trees. In the past, a station on the Setagaya Line called Rokushojinja-mae stood next to the shrine. However, this station was moved in the late 1940s and became the present Matsubara Station. Traces of the old station still remain next to the tracks. If you walk along the tracks in the direction of Shimo-takaido, you will find Akamatsu Park, which is recognizable by its rows of sweet gum trees. While the fall foliage produced by these trees is beautiful, the park is also known for its cherry blossoms and is a popular place for viewing them in the spring. The park is also a good place to watch Setagaya Line trains pass among the cherry blossoms and is therefore often used as a shooting location for television dramas.