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Nishi-taishidō Station is located just 300 meters from Sangen-jaya Station. However, despite this proximity, the area around the station is a quiet residential district that contrasts with the bustling Sangen-jaya. With many popular patisseries and restaurants in its back alleys, it is a fun place for walking and discovering that special shop.

Saisho-ji Temple (Meao Fudo)

Saisho-ji Temple (Meao Fudo)

Within Tokyo are various place-names that contain colors. In addition to Mejiro (meaning“white eye”) and Meguro (black eye), there are names that contain the words aka (red), ao (blue), and ki (yellow). Of the Goshiki Fudo (“five-colored fudo temples”), Saisho-ji Temple is commonly known as Meao Fudo (blue eye fudo temple). It is a temple surrounded by deep greenery and tranquility.

Address: 4-15-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Access: Four-minute walk from Nishi-taishidō Station