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In front of Yamashita Station is an old shopping street. Walking along it, one can gain a sense of the daily life and “shopping street culture” of Setagaya residents. It is also a fun place to find souvenirs, as there are many products, such as Gotokuji rice crackers and manekineko confections, that can only be found here. The area is also a quiet neighborhood with lots of greenery. Starting right next to the station is Yurinoki-dori, a street that continues to Kyodo Station on the Odakyu Line. It is lined with tulip trees that produce fresh green leaves in spring as well as beautiful autumn colors. Tulip trees are a type of lily magnolia whose blossoms resemble tulips. They are selected as one of the “hundred famous views of Setagaya.”

Akisamiyo Okinawa Festival
October 13, 2019

During this two-day autumn festival, the Gotokuji neighborhood turns into Okinawa. It is complete with authentic eisa dancing, live performances by Okinawan artists, comedy shows, and booths selling Okinawan specialties. It is a time to eat, drink, and enjoy a laid-back tropical atmosphere.

Yamashita Autumn Gourmet Festival
November 4, 2019

This festival provides an opportunity to rediscover the tastes and fun of a local shopping street. The Yamashita shopping street is lined with shops offering autumn dishes made with seasonal ingredients. In addition to delicious foods, there is a stage for saxophone and jazz guitar performances and dancing. It is a popular autumn festival for the enjoyment of fall flavors and music.